Does Your Contractor Support Concrete Recycling? 

If you need a structure removed in your home or you want an entire building taken down, then you’re going to need the services of a demolition contractor. However, there’s more to this project than just removing concrete from your property. There’s a concept called concrete recycling that is definitely worth looking into.  

Concrete Recycling

Concrete recycling is a process of crushing debris of concrete obtained from a demolition site. Before, demolished concrete is taken to landfills for disposal. Now, they can be duly recycled to make aggregates that can be used in new construction projects. That’s a great way to save on costs, materials, time, effort, and energy.  

Benefits of Concrete Recycling  

Recycling concrete provides considerable savings for builders as it eliminates the need to transport concrete to landfills. Demolition companies pay landfills for the disposal of concrete and it can cost them some $100 per ton. The cost of transport, on the other hand, is around a quarter per ton per mile. All these costs can be eliminated if concrete is recycled instead.  

Landfills are now heavily regulated these days and the possibility of recycling concrete opens up a new door of opportunity. Aside from huge savings, recycling concrete also saves a lot of natural resources such as water, oil, and gravel, among others. It’s also one good way of reducing carbon the entire nation’s footprint.  

Concrete Recycling Process 

The process of recycling concrete is not that complicated as it merely involves breaking and crushing concrete to an aggregate compound of a specific size and quality. Such crushed concrete may then be used as an additive for cement concrete for use on certain structural layers. It may also be combined with new concrete but is often times used as an aggregate for sub-base layers.  

To initiate the process, new machines were developed to effectively crush concrete obtained from pavements and other structures. The machine should also be able to remove steel from the mix, which can be rather difficult and time-consuming when done manually. These machines may be placed in recycling plants but there are also portable versions that can be carried into the demolition site so that aggregate concrete is obtained and used without leaving the area.  

Eco-friendly Demolition Contractors  

To ensure that you’re doing your share in saving the environment, hire eco-friendly demolition contractors to serve. They are the ones who can assure you that whatever concrete is removed from your home won’t end up in a landfill. Instead, they are taken to a recycling plant where they can be used again to build new homes. 

Everyone should care for the environment in his or her own little way. And doing it may be as simple as hiring demolition contractors that provide environmentally friendly services such as concrete recycling. So the next time you’ll hire demolition contractors, ask first if they support eco-friendly practices. That’s one way of knowing that you’re not adding up to the trash in the landfill but is contributing more to a greener environment.